Property Management

Kenco Communities has decades of experience in the management and operation of numerous multi- and single-family residential properties and communities throughout South Florida.

florida-gardenOur team of focused, seasoned professionals is engaged at every level of the management process to ensure the utmost protection of the owner’s interest and maximize the value of the real estate asset. Having solid management protocols and checks and balances in place allows for clear accountability to achieve goals.

All of Kenco’s property management services have a common goal: to increase net operating income. Proactive and strategic services include Maintenance & Repair Programs, Logical Improvement Initiatives, and Comprehensive Marketing Programs to maximize tenant retention and attract new occupants.

Candid, comprehensive and focused communication with partners has been a hallmark of Kenco Communities for nearly two decades. We provide transparent reporting of information with detailed financial data and forecasts that enable ownership to make informed and intelligent decisions in all facets of management and operations. This same communication allows us to ensure that the goals and strategy for the property are clearly understood and successfully accomplished.

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