Here’s the latest on Avenir, Gardens’ sprawling new development out west

Posted Jan 30, 2020 at 6:10 PM

By Jodie Wagner – Palm Beach Post

PALM BEACH GARDENS – Every time Rosa Schecter drives through the massive Avenir development on the western edge of the city, she notices something new.

A covered rest area was built. Trees have been planted. Land is being cleared.Over seven years after Avenir Holdings closed on the former Vavrus Ranch property on Northlake Boulevard, construction is underway for the 4,763-acre estate.“I can’t tell you how excited I am,” said Schecter, director of Avenir Holdings. “Every time I get out of here and see a bank, I’m like” Oh my god “. It was a long time for us.”

When completed in approximately 10-15 years, Avenir will include 3,900 homes, approximately 2 million square meters of office space, 400,000 square meters of commercial space and 200,000 square meters of medical office space.

There are also plans for 300 hotel rooms, two crystal lagoons, a high-end golf course, 115 acres for a park / administration area, 15 acres for a town hall extension, 20 acres for agriculture and 2,407 acres for nature conservation.

However, the first development phase is currently being worked on.

This phase will involve the construction of two main input features; Shared apartments in the eastern part of the property; a city center with a crystal lagoon and a private beach club; a clubhouse; and golf carts and hiking trails.

The main entrance features will be completed first, said Schechter. The two 35-foot structures should be completed in the next few months.

It is made of hand-cut oolite stone and will contain built-in benches under trellises so that visitors can sit and enjoy the view.

“For me, the input functions are the coolest things in the community,” said Schecter. “It will be interactive.”

Construction work on 1,600 residential units on the four easternmost properties in Avenir has also started.

The builders Toll Brothers, Kenco Communities, DiVosta and K. Hovnanian Homes have received approval for the site plan for the properties and have cleared much of the country.

Some houses could be ready by the end of the year, said Schechter.

The first phase of the 84-acre city center is waiting for the city map to be approved, Schechter said.

The city center, which is planned as a meeting point for residents and visitors, will be surrounded by an 8-hectare crystal lagoon, town houses, recreational and commercial areas.

For the Crystal Lagoon and the surrounding townhouses, separate city maps were presented to the city.

The Crystal Lagoon is an artificial beach in the style of a resort, which is lined with clear water and can also be used for water sports.

The floating part of the lagoon will be private, said Schechter, but visitors could shop and dine on a promenade area.

A second, larger crystal lagoon is being built on the northwest side of the development.

“The city center is a very exciting piece of the puzzle for us because it is the door to the project and the commercial part of the project,” said Schechter. “We are very excited about the design features and are bringing the lagoon to this part of Palm Beach County.”

In the further course of the development process there is a 13,000 square meter club house with tennis courts, pickleball fields, other facilities and a dog park.

The plant was completed and approved, said Schechter, and construction could begin in a few months.

There is no deadline for completing the first phase of Avenir, Schechter said. The second and third phases of the project, in which the northern and western plots of the site are being developed, are in the planning phase.

“It took a long time, but there are still years to be a living, breathing community,” said Schechter.

You can find information about Kenco Communities Estate Home Collection at Avenir at

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